Rada Ivekovic



Present position:

Professor (tenure),

Department of Sociology

Université de St. Etienne,

& Programme Director at the Collège international de philosophie, Paris.



Areas of Research

1. Comparative Philosophy (Indian and Western); 2. Feminist theory, Feminist Philosophy; 3. Political Philosophy, dealing with the areas of:

Traditional and contemporary Asian Philosophies, and in particular Indian Philosophy; Contemporary Continental Philosophy; Postmodern philosophy (a critical approach); History of (Indian) Philosophy; Orientalism in (Western) Philosophy; the Feminine in Philosophy; Different aspects of the constitution of the nation, the State, Citizenship etc.; the problem of nationalism, violence, war; European identity; democracy.


Other Areas of Competence

 Literary Theory and Literary Criticism; Religion and Mythology; Women's Studies and Women's Writing; Social Anthropology; Contemporary French Philosop hy.



 -Habilitation in Philosophical Anthropology of Difference, University of Paris-8, June 1993.

-Ph.D. in Buddhist Philosophy, Delhi University, December 1972.

-Graduate Studies in: 1) Indian Studies and 2) English Language and Literature, both at Zagreb University, 1969.

-High School in Belgrade and Zagreb, 1964 (prior elementary school at Ecole française de Bad-Godesberg, Germany).


 Habilitation (Post-PhD)

 A Philosophical Anthropology of Difference : India, the Feminine, Nationalisms.  An Approach through Comparative Philosophy

(Members of the examining board: Jacques Poulain /Chair/, Univ. of Paris-8; Julia Kristeva, Univ. of Paris-7; Michel Hulin, Univ. of Paris-4; Charles Malamoud, EHESS-CNRS, Paris; Rastko Mocnik, Univ. of Ljubljana; Predrag Matvejevic, Universities of Zagreb, Paris-3 and Rome.)


Dissertation (PhD)

 The Problem of Soul (Atman) in Early Pali Buddhism, directed by Professor Ram Chandra Pandeya,

 Professional Experience and main teaching/research appointments:

 1974-1991,      Career at the Department of Indian Studies, Philosophy Faculty, Zagreb University (one year), Yugoslavia;

 1991,    Moving to Paris, France:

  Visiting Professor, University of Paris-7 (Jussieu), Department "Science des textes et documents" (one semester);

 1992,       from 1992 on, constant collaboration and finally tenure (1998)  with the University of Paris-8;  visiting professorships at several universities:

                  Visiting Professor, University of Graz (Austria),  Department of Philosophy (one semester); this Visiting Professorship is protracted over the years to follow.

                   Visiting Reader at the Collège de France, Paris (3 months);

 1993,     Visiting Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Rome.

 Visiting professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Graz.

 1994,     Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Romance Languages at The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, teaching 2 courses:


1996,     Teaching one semester at the Philosophy Dept, University of Graz (Austria), as Visiting Professor. Course: Feminism and Theories of Subjectivity.

   Seminar given as Visiting Professor at the Departement of Social Anthropology of the Università Orientale, Naples, October 1996  ("Nationalism and Otherness").

1997,        Teaching one semester at the Philosophy Dept, University of Graz (Austria), as Visiting Professor. Course: ¡§Psychopolitik und Philosophie des Subjekts¡¨.

Activities outside regular teaching:

(I have here skipped the mainly domestic -Yugoslav - activities over the first part of my career at Zagreb University.)

1987,   Leave for Research in Benares (Benares Hindu University, Department of Philosophy);

Participation at a  UNESCO Conference on the position of Womern, paper: "Quelques thèses sur les facteurs socio-culturels qui entravent la promotion de l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes", in Baku, Azerbeidjan, USSR;

1991,    "Modèles orientaux chez des philosophes contemporains en Occident ou Le nouvel orientalisme en philosophie", at the conference "Europe - Inde - Postmodernité" held by the Collège international de philosophie at Céret (France);

             "Inde - Europe : un bilan philosophique?", conference for the Groupe de recherche sur l'identité philosophique européenne", Paris;

1992,  "Nations, nationalités, nationalismes", paper at the conference "Actualités de l'homme démocratique", Collège international de philosophie;

"The New Democracy Without Women", paper at the Yugo-American meeting "Beyond Yugoslavia", held in Budapest;

"Nations et raisons", at the conference "Nation et raison" held at Ljubljana and Graz with the collaboration of the Collège international de philosophie, the University of Ljubljana, the Institutum studiorum humanitatis from Ljubljana, the Maison des sciences de l¡¦hommes, Indo-French Programme (Paris) and Graz University, organized by R.I.;

Conferences at the Department for Philosophy, Graz University, one semester;          

1993,    "Primary Violence", paper at the Indo-French conference "L'Inde des idées. Tensions privées, tensions sociales", at the Maison des écrivains, Paris, March l7, 18, 19.

1994,    Paper at the Conference celebrating the Women's History Month, "Women's Rights? Human Rights?: Views from a Global Perspective", Drexel University, Philadelphia, March 15, 1994.

Visiting Lecture at the "East and Central Europe Program" at the New School for Social Research ("Nationalism and Trans-Nationalism), New York, March 17, 1994.

Paper at the Socialist Scholars Conference "The Price of Neoliberalism", organized by the City University of New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College, April 1,2,3, 1994.

Visiting Lecture ("War, Women and Nationalism") at the invitation of the Center for Russian and East European Studies, School of Law and Women's Studies Program of the University Center for International Studies of the University of Pittsburgh

April 8, 1994.

1994-95,  University mission at the Philosophy Department of the University of Sarajevo, within the framework of cooperation of the University of Paris-8 and Sarajevo University;


 "Women and Politics", an Indo-Franco-Russian Conference,University of Calcutta, Calcutta; title of the paper : "Women in Eastern Europe after 1989" (Follow-up published in 2000 in Calcutta, ed. Bharaty Ray).

1996,      Taking part in the First Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of nationalities, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, April 26-28; 

   Participation in the conference "Europe & the Balkans", organized by the Departement of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna, Forlì, 5-8.2.1996.

1997   Paper at the International Conference "Religions, Conflits, Identités", Université de Lausanne, organized by the Société Suisse pour la Science des Religions, November 15, 1997.

1998-99,    Paper at the International Seminar "Questions aux sciences sociales. Un écho au rapport dirigé par Immanuel Wallerstein: 'Ouvrir les sciences sociales'" organized by the Maison des sciences de l'homme & the University of Paris-7 (Paris) and the University of Laval (Canada), Paris 15-16 January 1998.

      Paper at the International Conference "Erweiterung Europas" organized by the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Mitteleuropäische Studien and Trento University, Italy, 25-28.09.1998.

Participating in the Conference "Political Usage of History", organized by the Centro di Studi Mediterranei, Istituto di Studi Filosofici, Naples, 28-30.01.1999.

Participating in the Conference "Gender in Transition in Eastern and Central Europe",  organized by the Humboldt University in Berlin, 10-11.12.1999.

2000,   "Training for Central European Initiative (CEI) Countries in Transition", at the  invitation of the Istituto per l'Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica, Bologna, Bertinoro, 10-12 February 2000.

Two lectures given at the invitation of the Centre for Theoretical Studies, University of Essex (GB), within the post-graduate program: 1) "How gender biased ideology underpins national discourse", 2) "Rumors from the ¡¥ill-reputed Tavern¡¦", on March 8, 2000.

Co-organization of and paper at an Erasmus one-day Workshop, Universities of Graz (Austria, Bergen (Norway) and Paris-8, "Language and Modernity", in Paris, March 2000.

Two conferences at invitation of the Philosophy Department, University in Copenhaguen, April  2000: 1) "A Philosophical Approach of Nationalism and Borders"; 2) "The Question of Subjectivity in Indian Philosophy from a Comparative Point of View".

Paper and co-organization of an International Conference on "Connecting factors in the Balkans", co-organized by the Institute ¡§Europe and the Balkans¡¨ of the Political Science Department of The University of Bologna, and the Agnelli Foundation, in Torino, Italy, 18-20 October, 2000.

International conference ¡§Sconfinare. Differenze di genere e di culture nell¡¦Europa di oggi¡¨ (¡§Sconfinare. Gender and Cultural Differences in Today¡¦s Europe¡¨) at Urbino University (Italy) within the framework of the European project  MURST, ¡§Imaginer l¡¦Europe¡¨ (¡§Imagine Europe¡¨). Title of the paper ¡§Confini variabili, umani mobili. Nazione riterritorializzata in chiave di genere¡¨ (¡§Variale Borders, Mobile Humans. The Nation Reterritorialized According to Gender¡¨), 9-10 November 2000.

A lecture on ¡§War and subjectivation¡¨ and taking part in a debate about my books Autopsia dei Balcani  and   Balcanizzazione della ragione with the Association  ¡¨Il giardino dei ciliegi¡¨, organised by the Assessorato alla cultura del Comune di Firenze, Florence, 13 Novembre 2000.

2000-01,  Invitation for three weeks by the  Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR), within the framework of the French-Indian Programme coordinated on the French side by the  Maison des des sciences de l¡¦homme. Taking part in the international conference coorganized by the ICPR with the Afro-Asian  Philosophical Association  (AAPA), ¡§Ethnicity, Identity and Freedom¡¨. Title of the paper: ¡§Ethnic Nationalism and Violence in Situations of ¡¥Transition¡¦¡¨, December 28, 2000 - January 1, 2001. Two lectures at the University of Jadavpur, Calcutta, of which one at the Philosophy Department (¡§About post-socialist and post-colonial transition¡¨), and one jointly  at the Philosophy Department and at the School of Women¡¦s Studies (¡§Nation and Gender¡¨).

 2001,     Participation at the international conference ¡§The Post-Communist Transition Ten Years Later. Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and The Role of the Central European Initiative (CEI)¡¨ as reviewer of the work in progress and as a member of the Scientific Counsel of the Institute for Central, Balkanic and Oriental Europe of the Departement of Political Science of the University of Bologna (Forli), convenor of the meeting, February 2-3, 2001.

April 2-4, 2001,   conference ¡§Women and Radical Social Change¡¨, University of Technology, Institute for International Studies, Sydney (Australia); paper: ¡§Gender and Transition¡¨.

Participation as a  ¡§keynote speaker¡¨at the conference ¡§Designing Europe. The Balkans: between integration and disintegration¡¨, at the World Social Forum, organized by the NGOs Civitas, Unimondo, Osservatorio Permanente per I Balcani and ICS (Italian Consortium for Solidarity), May 5, 2001,  Padova.

Invitation to teach at the Summer University, Programme for Gender Studies at the Centre « Robert Schuman¡¨ for Advanced Studies (European University, Florence/Fiesole, ¡§Women and Gender Relations in Europe: The Southern and Eastern Boundaries¡¨,  18-24 June, 2001.

Invitation à faire cours au Second South Asian Human Rights and Peace Studies Orientation Course (Kathmandu, 1-15 septembre 2001), organisé par le Southa Asia Forum for Human Rights; intitulé des cours: ¡§Ethnicization and Nation in the Making of Larger Integrations (Identity Principle)¡¨et ¡§Gender, Nation and Violence¡¨. Keynote lecture + un cours. Suivi d¡¦ateliers.

Invitation au VIIIe Congrès international ARIC (Association pour la recherche interculturelle), ¡§Recherches et pratiques interculturelles: nouveaux espaces, nouvelles complexités¡¨, 24-28 septembre 2001, Genève, session Philosophie interculturelle et Histoire présente, Partitions, Séparations, Guerre, Paix, Citoyenneté (de la Bosnie à l¡¦Inde via l¡¦Europe), participation au colloque le 27-9-2001.

Co-organizing in my personal capacity, together with the Collège de la Recherche de l¡¦Université de Paris-8,  the Maison des sciences de l¡¦homme (Paris), and the Institute for Central, Balkanic and Oriental Europe of the Departement of Political Science of the University of Bologna (Forlì), of an international  brainstorming meeting to start a research project on Partitions compared, October 2001, in Paris.

Coordinator and member of the core team in Avanced Studies of Columbia University in Paris (Reid Hall), with Ranabir Samaddar (Kathmandu), Vijay Chaturvedi (Panjab University), Stefano Bianchini (University of Bologna), for ¡§Partitions Compared.  Peace Studies¡¨, Paris, 1st semester 2001/2002.

2002,  Distinguished Visiting Professor to  Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Departement of Anthropology, second semester 2001/02.

 Co-organizing panels and paper at the Special Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, ¡§Nationalism, Identities and Regional Co-operation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities¡¨, 4-9 June 2002 in Forli, Italy, organised by the University of Bologna.

Conférence & participation at débate organised by  the American Association of Women Philosophers April 12, New York, CUNY, Hunters College.

Conference on April 26 at the New York University, Research Group for the Study of Transition.

Participation with communication at the convention of the ASN (Association for the Studies of Nationality) at Columbia University, New York, 24-26 Aoril 2002.

Panel : ¡§Partitions. Reshaping States and Minds. The Experience of Eastern Europe and British India Compared¡¨  at the conference ¡§Nationalism, Identity and Regional Co-operation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities¡¨ organised by the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) and the University of Bologna, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, Forlì, June 5-9, 2002. Paper: ¡§Partition as a Form of Transition¡¨.

Pisa University, Dept of Philosophy (November 4, 2002), conference « Metamorfosi del potere e autonomia individuale nella costruzione della modernità ».

-November 20, 2002 : conferences at Rutgers University, New Jersey,  University of Pittsburgh (American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), panel on  partitions compared;

-6 décembre, séminaire théorique de la revue « Contre-temps », Paris sur le thème : " La dynamique des identités : identifications et appartenances ". Communication : « Les études subalternes ».

-7 décembre : atelier de travail « Education des éducateurs » : « Nation, ethno-nationalismes et globalisation » organisé par la revue et l¡¦association « Transeuropéennes », Paris ; communication : « Le genre dans la construction de la nation ».

-15-18 December 2002, in Alexandria, Egypt : Conference (Fifth International Conference) under the title « Cultures and the Enemy Image » organised by the Averroes and Enlightenment International Association in collaboration with the Alexandria Library, USIS, Goethe Institute. Title of the paper: « Split reason: Freedom and problems of translating between cultures¡¨

-7-10 mai, participation aux travaux du colloque IMMAGINARE L¡¦EUROPA NEL MONDO POSTCOLONIALE. GRAMSCI E I SUD DEL PIANETA, avec communication : « Immaginazione politica per un mondo in traduzione perpetua. A propos de Jean-François Lyotard sur l¡¦Algérie », Naples, Istituto di Studi Filosofici & Immaginare l¡¦Europa.

-26 mai, conférence « Violenza, guerra e genere », università degli studi di Padova, dipartamento di scienze politiche, Padoue (Italie).

-4-6 juin, participation aux travaux de l¡¦Université des mondialisations sur ¡¥Diversité culturelle, mondialisations et globalisation, avec communication: ¡§Le système libéral totalitaire et le genre¡¨.

-9-13 juillet, à l¡¦école estivale de la second annual meeting of the Academy of European History à l¡¦Institut Universitaire Européen de Florence, conférence : « ¡¦Translating¡¦ Between cultures. The Construction of Cultural Boundaries in the Balkans ».

Since September 2003 Professorat the  Département de sociologie de l¡¦Université de Saint-Etienne (« Jean Monnet »)

- 28-29 novembre 2003, colloque international « Réflexions sur la guerre et la violence dans les discours féminins (1914-1989) » sur invitation à l¡¦Université de Barcelone, communication : « Violence, politique et raison ».

-2004 :

- 6 mars, conférence-débat pour Le Monde selon les femmes, Bruxelles, Le Flagey, « Nationalisme et genre »

- 22 mars conférence-débat dans le cadre des Journées internationales des femmes « Femmes et travail » organisées par la ville de Rennes : « la Mondialisation à travers les rapports sociaux des sexes » à la Maison Internationale de Rennes, organisé par la librairie « Planète Io ».

- 8 avril, conférence et débat sur invitation au Centre Kokkalis de la of Harvard University's Southeast European Study Group and the Kokkalis Program on Southeastern and East-Central Europe (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard's Center for European Studies) sur « Gender in the Construction of Nation ».

-15 avril, keynote speech at the Internationale Graduiertenkonferenz an der Universität Wien, ¡¦Postkoloniale¡¦ Konflikte im europäischen Kontext (Université de Vienne)

-24-29 mai, post-graduate interuniversity course  ¡§FEMINIST CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Boundaries, Borders and Borderlands¡¨,  paper ¡§Transborder Translating¡¨ at the Centre inter-universitaire,  Dubrovnik,  May 24, 2004.

-Paper on « Représentation et identité » at the debate-exhibition « Indifférence / Différence », Saint-Ouen, square Marmottan, within ART GRANDEUR NATURE 2004, Biennale d¡¦art contemporain en Seine-Saint-Denis & NATURE URBAINE / MAINS d¡¦ŒUVRES, June 6, 2004.

- Paper ¡§Confini e partitions: l¡¦eccezione come spazio e/o come tempo?¡¨, conference  Confini Grenzen, 23-25 Sept. 2004, Bolzano, SISSCO & Europäische Akademie.


From September 2004 on, programme director at the Collège international de philosophie, Paris.


Affiliations & Services to the profession

Active member of the Scientific Board (& one of the founding members) of the Association ¡§Transeuropéennes¡¨ (116, rue du Bac, 75007-Paris, phone 01 45 44 47 33; dir. Ghislaine Glasson-Deschaumes, e-mail: transeuropeennes@wanadoo.fr). The Association publishes the journal Transeuropeennes and organizes summer schools, research and an international network on topics related to philosophy, social sciences, culture and politics. Its association is particularly important with Central and Balkanic Europe, with the Maghreb, and with Asia.

Member of the editorial Board of the journal Transeuropeennes (same as above).

Active member of the Scientific Board of the Centre for the Mediterranean of the Istituto per i Studi Filosofici of Naples, Italy, Via Monte di Dio 14, 80132-Napoli, phone (39) (081) 764-2652,  fax (081) 764-2654.

Active member of the Scientific Board of the Centre for Central, Oriental and Balcanic Europe of the Departement of Political Studies of the University of  Bologna (Forli) (dir. Stefano Bianchini, eurobalk@spbo.unibo.it; www.spbo.unibo.it/eurobalk/balkans/html

Informal collaboration with the French-Indian Cooperation Programme of the Maison des sciences de l¡¦homme, Paris (dir. Jean-Luc Racine, racine@msh-paris.fr)

Research affiliation in France, besides University, to the Centre national de recherche scientifique (CNRS), Laboratoire ¡§Groupe d¡¦études sur la division sociale et sexuelle du travail¡¨ (GEDISST), unit ¡§Genres et rapport sociaux¡¨ (GERS, IMR 7111) (dir. Jean-Francois Lahé).

Member of the research group at the Department of philosophy of the University of  Paris-8: ¡§Philosophie, langage et politique¡¨.

One of the founding members of the College de la recherche at the University of  Paris-8.

Member of the Parlement international des écrivains (International Writer¡¦s Parliament) in Strasbourg.

Member of the PEN-Centre of Writers from the former Yugoslavia.

Member of the PEN-Centre of women writers.

Founder & Editor (from 1991-1994) of the series of books Le Diwan occidental/oriental with the publisher Noel Blandin, Paris, since then become République internationale des lettres: www.republique-des-lettres.com

Formerly (in the seventies & eighties), founding member of the editorial boards of the journals Filozofska istrazivanja (Philosophical Investigations), & Synthesis philosophica, Zagreb; Kulture Istoka (Cultures of the East), Belgrade.




Teaches & writes in English.

Excellent speaking, reading and writing knowledge of French, Italian, and Serbocroatian; to a lesser degree (but still fair), of German and Spanish; some Hindi (simple conversation, and reading); reading knowledge of Slovenian, Macedonian, Russian as well as of some other Slavic languages;  reading knowledge of Sanskrit, Pali.



Scholarly books

1. Rana budisticka misao, (Early Buddhist Thought) (Sarajevo : V. Maslesa), 1977; 152  pages.

2. Indijska i iranska etika (Indian and Iranian Ethics), written together with Cedomil Veljacic (Sarajevo : Svjetlost), 1980, 573 pages.

3. Studije o zeni i zenski pokret (Women's Studies and the Women's Movement), a collection ed. by R. Ivekovic, with introductioon and article, Belgrade : Publisher Komunist, 1981.

4. Poceci indijske misli (The Beginnings of Indian Thought), ed., introd., partly transl., select., comm., glossary by R.I. (Beograd : BIGZ 1st ed., NOLIT 2nd ed.), 1981, 1991, 475 pages.

5. Pregled indijske filozofije (An Outline of Indian Philosophy) (Zagreb : Zavod za filozofiju), 1981, 653 pages.

6. Druga Indija (Another India) (Zagreb : Skolska knjiga), 1982; 204 pages.

7. ¡§Juzna Azija : Indijska knjizevnost, tibetska knjizevnost, knjizevnosti jugoistocne Azije¡¨(¡§Literatures of India, Tibet and South-East Asia¡¨), in Povijest svjetske knjizevnosti, 1 (A History of World Literatures, 1), ed. Svetozar Petrovic, Mladost-Liber, Zagreb 1982, pp. 231-564.

8. Indija - Fragmenti osamdesetih. Filozofija i srodne discipline (India - Fragments of the Eighties. Philosophy and Neighbouring Fields) (Zagreb : Bibiloteka Filozofskih istrazivanja), 1989; 226 pages.

9. Benares. Esej iz Indije (Benares. An Essay from India) (Zagreb: Graficki zavod Hrvatske), 1990; 202 pages (German language edition Benares. Ein Essay aus Indien,  Graz : Droschl, 1993;  French edition Bénarès. Essai d¡¦Inde, traduit par Mireille Robin, Paris : L¡¦Harmattan, 2001, 180 pages).

10. Orients. Critique de la raison postmoderne (Orients: A Critique of Postmodern Reason) (Paris : Ed. Noel Blandin), 1992; 173 pages.

11. Europe-Inde-Postmodernite, Ed. by Rada Ivekovic and Jacques Poulain, a collection (Paris : Ed. Noel Blandin), 1993; 372 pages.

12. La Croatie depuis l'effondrement de la Yougoslavie. L'opposition non-nationaliste, ed. by R.I., (Paris : L'Hamattan), 1994; 127 pages.

13. Hommage c Sarajevo. Destruction de l'image/Image de la destruction, ed. by Dunja Blazevic & Rada Ivekovic, La Fonderie - L'Harmattan, Paris 1996; 111 pages.

14. La balcanizzazione della ragione (manifestolibri : Roma), 1995; 158 pages.15. Le Sexe de la Philosophie. Lyotard et le feminin (Paris : L'Harmattan, 1997); 117 pages.

16.  Otherhood and Nation. Selected Papers from the International Conference, ed. by Rada Ivekovic & Neda Pagon, ISH, Ljubljana & MSH, Paris, 1998; 232 pages.

17. Guérir de la guerre et juger la paix, ed. by Rada Ivekovic & Jacques Poulain, L'Harmattan, Paris 1998;  334 pages.

18. Autopsia dei Balcani. Saggio di psico-politica, Raffaello Cortina, Milano 1999, 182 pages; in German: Autopsie des Balkans. Ein psychopolitischer Essay,  Droschl : Graz 2001, 208 pages.

19. Transeuropeennes 19/20, 2001: special issue ed.  by R. Ivekovic, ¡§Partitions: Divided Countries, Separated Cities¡¨(bilingual English/French). Paper by R. Ivekovic: ¡§From Partition to the Nation, through the Nation to Partition¡¨.

20. De la nation à la partition, par la partition à la nation, Europe and the Balkans, Bologna & Longo Editore, Ravenna 2001, ¡§Occasional Papers¡¨ n. 18.

21. From Gender to Nation, Rada Ivekovic & Julie Mostov (eds.),Institute for Central and Eastern Europe, Bologna &  Longo Editore, Ravenna 2002; reprint Zubaan, Delhi 2004.

22. Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes & R. Ivekovic (dir. par), Divided Countries, Separated Cities. The Modern Legacy of Partition, Delhi, OUP 2003, 192 pages.

23. Le sexe de la nation, Paris, Eds. Léo Scheer 2003,  351 pages.

24. Dame Nation. Nation et différence des sexes, Ravenna, Longo Editore 2003, 264 pages.

25. S. Bianchini, S. Chaturvedi, R. Ivekovic, R. Samaddar, Partitions. Reshaping States and Minds, Routledge 2004,  240 pages.


Other books (essays)

26. EEJI - Epistolarni eseji (Epistolary Essays), together with Bogdan Bogdanovi, (Beograd : Prosveta), 1986; 199 pages.

27. Sporost - oporost (Slowly - Bitterly) (Zagreb : Graficki zavod Hrvatske), 1988; 147 pages.

28. Jugoslawischer Salat (Graz : Verlag Droschl), 1993; 64 pages.

29. Briefe von Frauen über Krieg und Nationalismus (An Exchange of Letters on War and Nationalism between Women, co-written with Biljana Jovanovic, Marusa Krese, Radmila Lazic and Duska Perisic-Osti) (Edition Suhrkamp : Frankfurt a/M.-Berlin), 1993; 226 pages. One larger version of the book, including authors R.I., B.J., M.K., R.L., came out in Serbo-Croat with the title Vjetar ide na jug i obrce se na sjever, (Beograd : Radio B92, Apatridi), 1994, 320 pages. Extensive translations into Hungarian by Klara Potoczki in "Replika" 30, juin 1998.

Also: Many contributions to books and articles in journals